About us

We’re a fast-growing sales organization in Amsterdam, where a young and ambitious team does everything in their power to create success for our clients. What we do? We are the one-stop shop for new business development. We help companies (B2B) to fill their top sales funnel and expand their network. The combination of data, experience and a keen team ensures that we continue to grow and improve in what we do every day. Now that we’ve closed our second round of funding, we’re ready to take over the world! 

Our goal is to add value for our clients. How? By being their sales buddy and helping them with the digital transformation of the sales process. Moreover, our innovative team is always thinking about the best next steps. That’s how we deliver the best service possible and how we stay on top of the game. 

Our vision
Making it possible for anyone to create business opportunities with everyone.

Our mission
Make every person a great sales person.

How? Simple, by delivering the best sales leads, data and transform the way people think about sales. Strive for the top and you’ll reach it. That’s our motto. We’ll work our hardest so that your most challenging sales goals will be reached, every time.

Why we do sales

Do we do sales because we want to make money or because we want to add value to our client?

Often businesses forget the reason why they exist in the mists of their growth journey. And it is that particular reason why you can sell a product or service to a client. If we look past the classic ‘ask and supply’, what other critical elements does a company need to create demand? We believe it is about having genuine interest in your client; what is their story and reason for existence?

We aim to stand next to our clients in taking the next step in their journey. That is what sales is all about; being determined and committed to your clients’ growth and add value to their success.

“Put your mind to it, put your grind to it!”

The Linq Group

Meet our team

Milan Dooper
Fabe Zijp
Yorin Lansu
Puck Schagen
Channah Carter
Tristan Kramer
Jaap Hoek
Femke Ydema
Kaj Bolmers
Sanne Ydema
Matthijs Bollen
Kas van Berkum
Tessa Nelissen
Diderie Jansen
Davide Aresu
Thijmen Sangers
Nico Tegelberg
Nikki Koek
Joost Piersma
Frank van der Zwaard
Jesse Staats

Our guideline

1. Aim to add value
2. Adapt to grow
3. Learn to fail
4. Challenge what we know
5. Know where we’re going