Lead generation

We care about the growth of your pipeline.

The Linq Group Lead generation Services

Our team operates as an extension of your sales organization. The strength of our service lies in utilizing the network of your employees and execute on BDR oriented tasks with the main goal to create qualitative sales opportunities.

We do so by consistently expanding their network with new prospects, segmenting their existing network and qualifying opportunities by actively engaging with connections.

LinkedIn Managed Services

All of our lead generation services are done within the inbox of your sales representative on LinkedIn.

We manually reach out to new prospects every week, initiate conversations, follow up on replies, guiding each conversation from start all the way right into a meeting scheduled in your calendar.

We measure the response ratio of each communication strategy for each target audience and the conversation ratio to create insights on what campaigns create the best results for sales rep, region and vertical.

Pipeline development

Creating and developing leads take time and a lot of nurturing efforts. The Linq Group takes care of this all by daily executing our lead generation services on LinkedIn and continuously improving sales strategies.

We take care of the qualitative development of your pipeline, collecting the right data for you to know where you should focus your growth.

Sales outsourcing

There are many options for a sales leader or organization to gain scale, accelerate revenue or augment sales team structures. A viable and proven option is outsourcing some of your sales efforts to help develop your sales pipeline.

To make sure you get the expected ROI out of the campaigns, our LinkedIn Professionals coach your sales representative every week to monitor the meetings that are schedule into their calendars.

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